May Moore Second-Graders’ "Little Mermaid" Transports with Talent

Delighting their families and instilling confidence in their own dramatic talents, second-graders in the May Moore Music Club presented a Broadway-style production of  “The Little Mermaid” for two daytime and two evening performances in April.

The young actors began working on the show back in the beginning of October, under the direction of Kristen Lombardo, and practiced and rehearsed their lines over the course of several months with the help of parents and grandparents.

“Kudos to the cast and crew,” said Principal Alicia Konecny. “The costumes, lighting and set were amazing, and the show was out of this world. The audience was truly transported under the sea.”

“They only rehearsed with me once a week for an hour after school, but their enthusiasm and constant energy pushed us along each week,” said Lombardo. “They amazed me, being only 7 and 8 years old. I truly believe that if you raise the bar, and have faith in your students, there is nothing they can’t do. I am incredibly proud of these kids. Their talents have only skimmed the surface of what they can achieve.”