JFK’s Scientists of the Future


The annual school science fair at JFK resulted in nine winners who wowed educators with their creative, well-researched projects. For the third grade, Nicola Cespe finished in first, John Holland in second and Caiden Boltz in third. Fourth-grade winners were Aiden Magali in first, Efti Chowdhury in second and Julia Castro in third. The top fifth-graders were Mia Skoubas in first, Julia Holland in second and Ava Giutierrez in third.

The winners went on to participate alongside students from other Suffolk County schools in the Brookhaven National Laboratory Elementary School Science Fair on May 6.

“I am so proud of our students who received recognition for a job well done,” said science lab coordinator Joyce Carmen. “Their curiosity in asking big questions, and their research finding conclusions for their topics took dedication and hard work. Our scientists of the future created projects that were informative and their displays were wonderful.”