Too Good for Drugs Program Helps JFK Students Make Good Choices

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JFK introduced the Too Good for Drugs prevention program this year, designed to reduce risk factors and enhance protective factors related to alcohol, tobacco and other drug use. The program, provided through a Hope for Youth substance abuse grant, developed the social and emotional skills that students need for making healthy choices, building positive friendships, communicating effectively and resisting peer pressure.

The program ran over a 10-week period, with an instructor presenting a weekly 40-minute lesson to JFK’s fourth- and fifth-grade classes. The students learned how to surround themselves with positive influences and make good choices when negative ones are presented to them. 

“Our students really enjoyed roleplaying and discussing some of the pressures of being a kid today,” said Associate Principal Kelly Benson, who initiated the program at JFK. “Too Good for Drugs really gave them the tools they need for making good choices throughout their daily life.”