A Special Evening of Awards for Deer Park Seniors


The high school held its annual Senior Awards ceremony on June 8, filling the school’s auditorium with proud families eager to see high-achieving members of the Class of 2017 receiving department awards, schoolwide awards and scholarships.

After class treasurer Joseph Etersque led the Pledge of Allegiance, and fellow senior Jacie Matera sang the National Anthem, Principal Charles Cobb spoke to the graduating students and the presentation of awards began. Deer Park’s jazz ensemble, under the direction of Jerry Cannarozzo, provided a soothing backdrop of Chick Corea’s “Spain” during intermission.

“This event gives us an opportunity to recognize our students and all of their vast accomplishments, and showcases the many skills and talents of our outstanding student body,” said Cobb. “It is a special evening that all students and their families will remember fondly.”