Disney Diversion for Deer Park Jazz Musicians

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The Deer Park High School Jazz Ensemble and its director, Jerry Cannarozzo, recently traveled to Orlando, Florida for a well-received performance at Disney World.

Following the performance, the 23 students – Anthony D’Arrigo, Nick Alo, Dave Batkiewicz, Jack Brennan, Ryan Brown, Mike Catanzaro, Mike Charumaneeroj, Alexandria Costanza, John Clancy, Briseis Del Cid, Joe Etersque, Peter Farquharsen, Nick Gentile, Samantha Miller, Joshua Murphy, Tyler Nielson, Amar Qasir, Emanuel Saladino, Frank Sluter, Ginele Tanis, Bradley Taylor, Kailey Tenn and Marissa Woods – were able to visit all the attraction’s parks.