Pumpkins Abound at JQA Learning Stations


After an exciting morning of picking pumpkins from the patch at JQA, the fun continued for kindergartners in Laura Oddo and Vanessa Pizzo’s class as they moved to a series of different learning stations themed around pumpkins.

Oddo, who teaches kindergarten, and Pizzo, an ENL teacher, are teamed in a co-teaching classroom featuring math, science and art stations.

“The students truly enjoy moving to different stations and working on different activities,” said Oddo.

“They love the hands-on approach in each station, and the small groups create a great learning space,” said Pizzo.

In the science station, the students experimented with different fruits and vegetables and made predictions to whether they would sink or float. In the math station, students measured their pumpkins. In the art station, students created faces to make their pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns.