At Charles Campagne Elementary School, students are encouraged to fill their buckets. The kindergartners through fifth graders participated in an assembly program called “Bucket-fillers for Life,” which included lessons focused on the concept that people carry invisible buckets containing their feelings. When someone’s bucket is full, that person feels good, but when the bucket is empty, he or she feels empty.

The students learned about the importance of bucket-filling from Faith Smith, the regional director with Bucket-fillers for Life Inc., an organization that promotes the message at schools and companies. Ms. Smith, who has spoken at schools throughout the state and in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, presented an assembly to students in grades K-3 in the morning and another for those in grades 4-5 in the afternoon.

“Bucket-filling is always sincere. It is genuine and it comes from the heart,” Ms. Smith said. “Every day, bucket-filling is easy. If you choose to live your life as a bucket-filler, then you will have a happy life. The choice is yours to make.” She noted that there are also “bucket-dippers” – people who are mean to others, also known as bullies.

At the conclusion of the assembly, a framed certificate was presented to Principal Angelita Cintado designating Charles Campagne as a “bucket-filling school.” The assembly concluded with the students joining Ms. Smith in singing “The Bucket-filling Song,” after which they took the “The Bucket-filling Oath.”