Deer Park’s Big 10


The District has announced its Top Ten academic students for the 2008-2009 graduating class. Students and their families, guidance counselors and administrators gathered for a celebratory breakfast and honored each Top 10 achiever.

The Top 10 academically ranked students for the Deer Park Class of 2009 are: 
Ekta P. - Valedictorian
Christopher W. - Salutatorian
Justin W. - Third
Michael P. - Fourth
Ebne S. - Fifth
Michael F. - Sixth
Karamveer S. - Seventh
Amanda H. - Eighth
Eric W. - Ninth
Alyssa N. - Tenth 

Valedictorian Ekta P.
Ekta has secured the prestigious position as Deer Park High School Class of 2009 Valedictorian. Teachers and guidance counselors documented Ekta’s combination of extraordinary intelligence, superior work ethic and unique intellectual curiosity. Ekta is not only determined to do her best, but as a leader in the classroom, helps her peers achieve their full potential. Ekta’s academic dedication has propelled her to be an Advanced Placement Scholar and a perfect score of 800 on the Math portion of the SAT.

Outside of the classroom Ekta’s skills extend to extracurricular activities. An active member of her class she participates in Student Council, International Culture Club and National Honor Society as well as being an integral member and Vice President of the district Math Team and four-year member of the orchestra and girls’ lacrosse program.

Bettering her community and the lives of others, the past two summers Ekta has participated in the Lead America’s conference on Medicine and Healthcare at St. John’s University, and the Science and Research Awareness Series at Stony Brook University. Volunteering countless hours at Good Samaritan and Stony Brook University Hospitals her experiences will help in her journey pursuing a career in the medical field.

Salutatorian Christopher W.

Christopher represents the Class of 2009 as the Salutatorian. Described as a wonderful blend of intelligence, wit, compassion, creativity and modesty, Christopher is a humble leader, who feels grateful for all he has been given, and feels a responsibility to give back to his school and community.

Scoring a perfect 800 on the Math section of the PSAT, Christopher has equally impressive scores on both the ACT and SAT. An Advanced Placement scholar, he is also an accomplished musician who plays the Bassoon and Piano and has entertained audiences with his performances on stage in a variety of school plays, as well as behind the scenes as stage manager. An emerging artist, Christopher also uniquely illustrates his creative talents, making crafts from “found objects.”

Making his mark in the world, Christopher has worked alongside Suffolk County Pastors, where he organized a Hurricane Katrina relief group, which allowed him and other youth members of neighboring churches to travel to Louisiana rebuilding houses for those who lost all they had. An advocate for universal, cultural literacy Christopher has spent the past three years as an instructor of English as a Second Language through the Ascension Lutheran Church. His work this past summer at BRAC USA, a nonprofit organization that aids the least privileged around the world toward fiscal independence through micro-financing, made Christopher the first high school intern to participate in the organization.  

Congratulations to Ekta, Christopher, and all of the members of the Top 10 who have worked hard to get to this point.