Green Learning

The students at John Quincy Adams Elementary School sprung into spring with green lessons. During the school’s Agricultural Literacy Week, students learned the importance of preserving the environment as well as the scientific process that occurs when seeds grow into plants.

As part of the program, Robert Frost Middle School and Deer Park High School Family and Consumer Science students visited the elementary school to mentor students through the reading and writing activity “What Plant Am I?” Students learned about a variety of seed types and how seeds transform into beautiful plants. They were surprised to learn the unique ways that seeds mature, discovering that each seed has one tiny living plant embryo resting inside.

The upperclassmen guided students through their projects, educating them on the changes both inside and outside of a germinating plant, and helped students prepare their seeds for planting. All of the elementary students went home with seeds of their own so they can plant trees and share their knowledge with their families.