Deer Park “Rolls” Out a Life Saving Lesson


Fire Prevention Safety Exercise Benefits Students at JFK School

John F. Kennedy Intermediate School are more aware of the dangers of fire and how to react when confronted with one, thanks to a hands-on lesson from a teacher and volunteer firefighter.

Teachers employed behavior modifications for Autistic students in the class who benefited significantly from the preparation and visual learning tools.

Under the direction of teacher Tom Alcabes, a volunteer fireman, small groups worked together in interactive stations set up at the school, practicing their “stop, drop and roll” techniques. Students even wore an official firefighter gear, and reviewed the equipment and responsibilities of a firefighter, stepping into authentic fire pants and sliding on a bright yellow, fireproof jacket students. They rolled back and forth on the classroom rug to extinguish the Velcro flames that teachers stuck to their clothes while their peers assisted using towels to muffle the flames.

Students were also given discussion points to share with their families, in case of a fire. This included how family members can help one another in emergency situations. Teachers employed behavior modifications to assist autistic students who participated in the lesson and benefited significantly from the preparation and visual learning tools.