Determined Senior Jacques Vincent Finds Path to Health

Determined Senior Jacques Vincent Finds Path to Health

Jacques Vincent, an inspirational senior athlete at the high school, has proven that determination can effect positive change. Vincent, the boys varsity track team’s sole shot putter, entered high school weighing 430 pounds and suffering from diabetes, and today, he stands at what he calls a “peaceful” weight of 229.

His weight gain began back in 2008 at age 8, after a car accident left his mother with a paralyzed arm.

“In the wake of this incident, my coping method was to eat,” Vincent said. By age 14, he weighed 431.4 pounds and was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, a disease shared by several older family members.

“I was shocked to my core,” he said. “2015 was the darkest year of my life. I couldn’t lose weight and my self-esteem was at an all-time low. I had a moment of weakness, which also was my waking moment as well. I was all alone at home, looking in the mirror, screaming at myself, 'Why are you so fat, so slow, so ugly?' But then something in me just changed.”

For the next two years, Vincent trained hard at the gym and participated in school including football, lacrosse, wrestling, golf and most recently, track.

“Track was a sport I thought I could never do because I was too big,” he said, but after two years of working out, eating right and drinking “tons of water,” Vincent lost more than 200 pounds and was able to succeed at his athletic dreams.

“I hope, my story can help kids lose weight and get healthy, but most importantly be happy and enjoy life,” he said.

“Jacques is a gentleman and a scholar,” said assistant track coach Mario Fiore. “His achievement is an outcome of his hard work, proper diet and mental toughness.”