Deer Park Student Honored by Veterans


Robert Frost student Nicholas V. was awarded second place in the Town of Babylon Veteran's Awareness Week Essay Contest. For his efforts, Nicholas received a $75 Savings Bond to put towards his future academic endeavors.

Nicholas was recognized at a Town of Babylon Hall Meeting, during which he read his award-winning essay in front of Town Supervisor Steven Bellone, council members and town residents. The committee that selected Nick’s essay was comprised of war veterans who selected the literary submissions that best illustrate the role of the United States military. 

Infusing the school’s 8th grade social studies history curriculum, students researched the current and past wars and the men and women who serve. Nicholas met with veterans who have served in various capacities and conflicts and listened to their tales of life abroad and the pride they take in protecting our country. In his essay, he showed his appreciation of the many veterans in attendance by stating, “The freedom our country has is a privilege. We should thank our troops everyday for the sacrifice they go through to ensure our freedom.”

Nicholas also shared his unique perspective on life as a middle school student: “It is because of our brave military that we are able to live in peace, harmony and happiness. Many of us complain about the price of gas, food and taxes, but that is not nearly as much of a price that the military troops must pay.”