The Business of Books

Critically acclaimed local author Brian Heinz visited John F. Kennedy Intermediate School to conduct writing workshops for students. His passions for nature, science and environmental research inspire the themes and unique characters that comprise his popular children's books and award-winning tales.

Mr. Heinz conducted his signature program, “The Book: From Writer to Reader,” with the use of a 'road map' style mural board and visual aids. Through this special lesson, students learned how a book becomes a reality, from raw idea to finished product, and the many steps and people involved in the process.

Students had the opportunity to view manuscripts, book “dummies,” sketches and final art, layouts and paste-ups, negatives, press proofs, blue lines, page signatures and unbound covers of his personal works, including Red Fox at McCloskey's Farm, The Alley Cat and Nanuk: Lord of the Ice.

Throughout the lesson, Mr. Heinz shared writing tips and humorous anecdotes of his "on location" research trips to wild environments.