New York State Science and Engineering Fair

Deer Park hosted the New York State Science and Engineering Fair’s Andromeda and Broadcom divisions at Robert Frost Middle School. Over 375 students from various middle and high schools presented their science research to judges. Among those awarded for top projects were Deer Park eighth graders Mohammed Babar and Nicholas Pascalli.

All seven of the district’s students who were selected to participate are middle schoolers enrolled in the STAR (Science, Technology and Research) classes taught by Dawn Ferro. Students’ preliminary work was assessed for viable topics eligible to enter the junior division of the competition known as Broadcom. After researching a concept in the fall, the students conducted additional research on the science behind their idea before creating and designing an experiment to conduct independently. They executed their projects after collecting and analyzing the necessary data.

Matthew Pacheco, Ahmed Abdeltawab, Nicholas Pascalli, Daniel Perepezko, Neha Ali, Mohammed Babar and Joseph Sanchez were selected for the competition and showcased diverse topics, including those representing the environmental, electrical and chemical sciences. During the fair, students presented their research problems, methods, abstract summaries, research logs and results to the judges.

Award recipients will be recognized at the New York State Science and Engineering Fair ceremony at Jericho High School.