Students Organize a Cozy Collection for Haiti’s Children


In an effort to bring comfort to the children affected by the earthquake, students at May Moore Elementary School donated more than 2,000 stuffed animals for the displaced children of Haiti. All of which the students loaded onto a large bus, beginning the journey to their final destination.

To help increase the number of donations, May Moore partnered with a high school in upstate New York through a program called Project Stuffed Animals For Emergencies (SAFE). The schools combined donations were brought to the United Nations, which then facilitated the delivery of the stuffed animals to Haiti. The students’ goal was to provide children with a sense of security during this turbulent time in their lives, and the results were a huge success.
Each day students in Susan Steinman’s class collected and sorted the stuffed animals placed in the drop-off locations throughout the school. They used a teddy bear graph displayed in the school lobby to tabulate the number of stuffed animals collected.