Stepping Stones to Success

The district celebrated moving-up milestones at Robert Frost Middle School and John F. Kennedy Intermediate School. The district’s eighth and fifth-grade classes were honored at their respective events, which highlighted various achievements and looked towards the future. Students, teachers, families, administrators and Board of Education members supported the student-focused ceremonies with cheers and congratulations.   

At Robert Frost Middle School, Principal Eliana Levey opened with a welcome address and Student Council President Joseph Ramirez shared class memories. Board of Education trustees presented student awards, which included academic and service recognitions as well as community-sponsored scholarships. To conclude the ceremony, the eighth-graders received certificates signifying their completion of middle school and their much-anticipated advancement to the high school.    

The John F. Kennedy Intermediate fifth-grade class convened in the school’s gymnasium as Principal Susan Bonner and Student Council President Dominick Albertelli welcomed everyone in attendance and reflected on the past year. Building administrators presented attendance awards and national academic recognitions, and parent groups selected students for special awards. In addition to entertainment provided by the Flute and Clarinet Choir, the entire class performed a rendition of “We’ll Meet Again.” Fifth-grade teachers took the podium to speak about classroom highlights before announcing each student, who proceeded to the front of the gymnasium to receive his or her certificate.