The Deer Park School District seeks a Prekindergarten collaborating agency to assist the District in its mission to provide every 4 year old student living within the boundaries of the Deer Park School District with a universal opportunity to high-quality prekindergarten programs that prepare them for future school success by developing strong foundational skills in early literacy and numeracy. If your existing prekindergarten program, located within the Deer Park School District, meets the following eligibility requirements and you would like to be considered as a potential collaborating agency with the Deer Park School District, please submit, in triplicate copy, a completed proposal to Dr. Danielle Sheridan, District Administrator for Elementary Curriculum & Instruction, Deer Park School District, 1881 Deer Park Avenue, Deer Park, NY 11729. Proposals must be postmarked on or before June 22, 2018.

Minimum eligibility requirements include that the collaborating agency:
1.    Have a 5 day per week, 180 day, 2.5 hour program for 4 year olds
2.    Have an N-6 certified teacher and teaching assistant per class
3.    Classes include no less than 16 children and no more than 18
4.    Be NAEYC accredited
5.    Be voluntarily accredited by New York State Education Department as a preschool
6.    All buildings, premises, equipment and furnishings must comply with applicable requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act and meet all local fire, safety and building codes and all state and local licensing agency codes

Your proposal must include:
1.    A description of the services to be provided by the eligible agency
2.    A detailed narrative which describes how the eligible agency proposed to meet the goals and objectives of the universal prekindergarten program
3.    A description of the eligible agency’s staff qualifications, staffing patterns, turn-over rate, resumes, child-staff ratio and administrative structure
4.    A budget of proposed expenditures for services rendered
5.    A description of the facility with documentation that all applicable health and safety codes, licensure and registration requirements are met
6.    Proof of fiscal solvency
7.    Current program design and experience providing developmentally appropriate programs
8.    Current professional development program and staff evaluation process