A ‘Classic’ Moving Up for May Moore’s Second-Graders

A ‘Classic’ Moving Up for May Moore’s Second-Graders thumbnail97129

At May Moore, the annual moving up ceremony for second-graders on June 7 marked the transition from primary to intermediate school, from one stage of education to another. Smiles and memories abounded, and after each graduating class and child had been recognized, and all the songs – from Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors” to the school’s theme tune – had been sung, these proud Falcons marched down the aisles to the uplifting sound of “Wings” by Little Mix.

Reflecting on the ceremony, Konecny said, “This year, our schoolwide theme was’ Start Your Engines! May Moore was the first pit-stop on our students’ educational journey, and we hope when they think back in reverse they will remember us as classic.”