May Moore Students Observe Ladybug Life Cycle

May Moore Students Observe Ladybug Life Cycle thumbnail97962

First- and second-graders at May Moore had the opportunity to observe the life cycle of ladybugs in Danielle Finocchiaro’s ENL classroom.
The students studied the different stages of the insect’s life cycle prior to the arrival of the ladybug larvae. Each day, the excited students made observations and recorded them in their journals, just like scientists. When the larvae finally changed into adult ladybugs, the students were able to hold them and release the ladybugs into the school’s garden.

“The ladybugs are going to make the garden very happy because they’re going to eat all the aphids,” said first-grader Natalia Blanco Canales.

“This was a wonderful opportunity for our English language learners to ask questions, research the answers and participate in a hands-on learning experience,” said Finocchiaro.