A Partnership of Learning

The district not only works to educate well-rounded students, but strives to educate students year-round. Most recently, the Deer Park partnered with the Suffolk County Department of Labor Summer Youth Employment program, which funded employment for 10 of the district’s special needs students to work with younger students within the district’s special education summer school program.  

Students worked as classroom assistants throughout the versatile summer school program and completed various tasks, including working with teachers to help younger students succeed through educational activities. The comprehensive, extended school year offers special education students the opportunity to expand and enhance their skills throughout the summer with technology-based projects, literary problem-solving tasks and interactive tactile learning.

In addition to the financial education they receive by earning a paycheck, student helpers also benefit from weekly work readiness workshops led by a district business teacher who guided students through the resume writing and job application process.

This innovative initiative benefits everyone involved and fuels the cooperative learning experience. The district is able to employ students and provide them with an opportunity to prepare for the future and make money, while helping teachers nurture and develop students enrolled in our summer school program. Students participating in the summer program are able to practice what they have learned during the school year, ensuring a seamless transition into the next phase of development.