Music Students Learn from an Army Pro


High School student-musicians had the distinct opportunity to meet and perform with Sergeant First Class John Altman of the United States Army Field Band. A decorated trumpet player, Sergeant Altman taught a master class focused on careers within the music industry and the steps and work he put in to become a successful musician. The day ended with Sergeant Altman instructing the Jazz Band ensemble.  

The student-musicians also gained valuable insight into the audition process and preparation, while learning the benefits of networking and maintaining positive interpersonal relationships have in relation to becoming assets to organizations not just as musicians, but colleagues. Sergeant Altman described his personal experiences as an aspiring musician and the desire he had to turn his passion into a career. He encouraged students to become well-rounded, test their limits and explore a variety of avenues in order to break into the business. Sergeant Altman also stressed the importance of academics and encouraged students to achieve higher levels of education.

Joining the Jazz Ensemble, Sergeant Altman performed and instructed students on different techniques and styles. He reflected on the day’s experiences, stating, “The students’ enthusiasm and musical interests were inspiring; it is a testament to the high level of instruction they receive from their music teachers and directors. Exposing them to programs such as this gives Deer Park students a competitive edge in planning and preparing their academic and career futures.”