STEAM Lab Grand Opening Brings Innovation to May Moore

STEAM Lab Grand Opening Brings Innovation to May Moore
May Moore celebrated the grand opening of its new STEAM lab on Jan. 14, which will focus on science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics lessons. The initiative started in September, when a committee began to work to create a learning space for the students that requires them to think critically and creatively, collaborate and communicate, integrate technology and become global citizens.

“We are thrilled to bring 21st-century learning skills to the primary level,” Assistant Principal Heather Levine said. “We had our STEAM lab committee visit other STEAM labs and makerspaces across Long Island. We took the best of what we saw and attempted to replicate amazing teaching practices here in our lab.”

“Starting this afternoon, each and every class will visit the STEAM lab weekly to create, innovate and problem-solve for the future,” Principal Alicia Konecny told the assembled students and staff.

Second-grader Nate Fahl served as student spokesman, describing the lab and the STEAM concept. Guided by music teacher Kristen Lombardo, a group of May Moore students then sang a special STEAM-themed song, followed by a ribbon cutting, which was administered by three students.

Once the lab was deemed open for business, selected students from each grade and classroom in the building swarmed the five stations – a light table, an art area, a Lego wall, a tech station with an Osmo game system and Code & Go Robot Mouse, and a magnetics and Keva planks section – to demonstrate various STEAM activities.

The event also featured a colorful robot cake and the conclusion of the “Most Magnificent Thing” challenge for Deer Park’s administrators, who had been tasked to brainstorm and create their own working object using materials provided in a paper bag, with the winner being Assistant Superintendent for Business and Operations Marguerite Jimenez.