Math Students ‘Break Out’ by Solving Problems

Math Students ‘Break Out’ by Solving Problems
Math Students ‘Break Out’ by Solving Problems 2

Using the exciting Breakout EDU kit, Deer Park math teachers have brought new excitement to their classrooms, instilling critical thinking, teamwork and problem-solving skills.

At Robert Frost Middle School, Lauren Kalinowski used Breakout EDU to enhance a seventh-grade math lesson on solving two-step equations, infused with an Ancient Egyptian theme. Students were placed into groups and given a scenario where they were trapped in an pharaoh’s tomb. Each group was given large and small Breakout boxes. Students had to solve equations to “escape,” cracking the codes for a four-digit lock, five-letter lock and a five-arrow lock, as well as finding a hidden key to open one of the locks.

At Deer Park High School, teacher Sara DiCandia’s geometry students enthusiastically embraced Breakout EDU, solving puzzles and riddles for a holiday-themed activity.

“Breakout EDU is a great tool to help engage students and enhance critical thinking skills, collaboration and communication skills,” said DiCandia. “This learning experience can be modified for students in all grade levels as well as in all subject areas. I really enjoyed using it in my geometry class because I was able to observe how students worked together as a group to solve each of the problems that helped them unlock a box and get closer to “breaking out.” After reflecting on the activity as a class, and hearing students’ feedback afterwards, I can tell that students really enjoyed this activity. It is important to change things up and create engaging learning opportunities for students whenever possible, and Breakout EDU is the perfect tool to do so.”