Message from Board Trustee Keith Rooney

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I wanted to drop a note and thank you all for your support. After volunteering and serving on the Board of Education as vice president and trustee for the last 12 years, I will not be seeking reelection in May 2019. Serving Deer Park has been an honor and something I will always cherish. As a member of Deer Park High School’s graduating Class of 1985, I always took pride serving this great community. I have been a resident of Deer Park for all of my life, and my wife and I have raised our three children in Deer Park’s schools. My current role at National Grid requires me to travel almost weekly, making this role harder to sustain. I’ve been on a lot of teams during my life and couldn’t be prouder to have worked with Deer Park’s school board, superintendent, staff, administration and dedicated employees. Together we have developed a great future for all our students. Serving on the special education and energy committees has also been one of my most rewarding life experiences. I’m excited about the future of this district and will always be proud of all we accomplished together. Thank you all for your friendship, support and dedication to our great employees and students! Falcon for life!

Keith Rooney
Board of Education Trustee