Unity Pharmacy of East Islip held the latest in a series of free monthly medical workshops at East Islip High School on Nov. 28, in conjunction with the school’s Medical and Health Technology Career Academy, popularly known as "CAM."

Titled “Navigating the Insulin,” the event featured regular speaker Bakul “Bob” Matalia, the pharmacy’s owner. Matalia’s PowerPoint presentation and accompanying discussion addressed the causes of diabetes as well as solutions for those persons who have been diagnosed with the illness. At the end of the presentation he answered questions from science teacher Lisa Neri’s CAM students, who attend each of these monthly presentations.

“We invite all community members to join us for these educational forums and hope that more people will join us in the coming months,” said Guidance Director Israel Malinowitzer, who runs the school’s Career Academies. “This is a very serious disease and we need to educate our students and parents to be aware of it and its consequences when left untreated.”
The monthly workshops are held at 7:30 p.m. in the high school library. A full schedule of the medical workshops is attached below. For more information or to register for a workshop, contact Israel Malinowitzer at 631-224-2115.