JFK Rewards Hardworking Young Scientists

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Reflecting the hard work and creativity of their projects, winners in this year’s JFK school science fair were third-graders Ava Ortlieb (first place), Emily Luna (second place) and Melanie Holdcroft (third place); fourth-graders Kaylee Puterbaugh (first), Emma Corley (second) and Connor McGuiness (third place); and fifth-graders Adella Lathrop (first), Taylor Gabel (second) and Aubrey Pottinger (third).

“These amazing scientists took the time to ask a big question, formulate a hypothesis, perform an experiment, gather the data and develop a conclusion,” said science lab coordinator Joyce Carmen. 

JFK’s grade-level first- and second-place winners will move on to compete in the Brookhaven National Laboratory Elementary School Science Fair on May 4.