HS Business Students Find a “Spark!”

HS Business Students Find a “Spark!” thumbnail120091

The high school's business students competed in Northwell Health System’s Spark! Challenge this spring, held at the Crest Hollow Country Club.

Earlier in the year, the students spent a day shadowing accountants in Northwell’s corporate finance office to learn about accounting careers. They were then challenged with creating a poster to advertise a career in accounting while tying the poster’s message in to Northwell’s “CARE” mission, which stands for connectedness, awareness, respect, and empathy. The students had to create a presentation that highlighted what they learned during their job-shadowing experience at Northwell, which also had to relate to the poster that they had created about the CARE mission. Finally, the Deer Park students made a presentation to Northwell executives, including the CEO and CFO, under the watchful eye of the finance department’s management team.

“This was an outstanding experience for our students to be able to work with industry professionals and present to high-level executives,” said business teacher Jill Perry-Eising.