Summer Schoolers Love the Luau

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Students in Deer Park’s summer school program, facilitated by district teachers, administrators and student volunteers, enjoyed their seventh annual Luau event in July, held in the JFK gym. At the Luau, teachers plan out educational activities such as building volcanoes and circuits, creating fun books, and working on math and writing activities, complemented by games like fishing and a sweet treat of Italian ices.

“Our students come off the bus on the first day of summer school all excited about the Luau and counting down the days to this exciting event,” said teacher Phyllis Senia, who organizes the program.  

“Mrs. Senia creates an environment to learn in a fun way and is truly dedicated to these students,” said volunteer Debbie Leon, who has worked with the program since its inception. “It has been my honor and pleasure year after year to watch these children’s experience a summer education, maintaining and enhancing their skills acquired during the school year through fun with education and inclusion in the community.”