The district offers a diverse range of courses in which students can explore personal interests and learn through unique avenues. Two of these courses are Advanced Placement Art History and Advanced Placement Art Studio, which are taught by Derek Mainhart. Both of these courses infuse curriculum and creativity and place students on an accelerated track for future endeavors, with the potential to earn college credit.

Art History focuses on humanities and the human condition, while building a connection between the fine arts, literature and world history. Students gain a fresh perspective on artwork as they research various periods of time and delve deeper into historical events by researching the artwork that framed the cultures and social structures. Beyond the classroom, students view the works of professional artists during visits to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and other iconic New York venues. As a culminating activity students share presentations on various artists, and create a piece of personal artwork inspired by a selected artist of their choice.

Advanced Placement Art Studio features hands-on learning, with individualized instruction. Students illustrate their passions through various mediums, including painting, drawing, watercolor and collage, and utilize tools such as charcoal, oil paint, ink and erasers to create varied textures. They are encouraged to draw upon inspiration from their surroundings, including the nature in the school’s courtyard. By the completion of the course, students construct a comprehensive portfolio for colleges and employers, which demonstrates a progression of ideas and a deep breadth of knowledge and technique.