Dental Health Lessons at Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln School pre-kindergarten students learned the importance of dental health through an interactive program led by local dentist Eric Hanson. Dr. Hanson taught students about dental characteristics and the stages of tooth development. Utilizing props, he demonstrated the ways to keep one’s mouth healthy, including brushing twice daily for at least two minutes, using proper flossing techniques and making regular visits to the dentist for check-ups.  

In addition, students learned that healthy eating habits help maintain strong teeth. Dr. Hanson encouraged students to eat vegetables and stay away from sweets and soda. Students also became aware of how important teeth are to speech patterns and practiced articulating statements such as, "There's magic in a healthy smile,” saying the phrase normally at first and then attempting to say it without touching their tongue to their teeth.

Following the presentation, students received a new toothbrush to bring home and practice what they had learned.