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Frost Five Take on Pi at Suffolk MoMathlon

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Robert Frost math team members Steven Cayea, Gianna Giffone, James Hope, Matthew Rosati and Anthony Wineberger were chosen by the school to participate in the annual Suffolk County MoMathlon at Brookhaven National Laboratory. The March 14 event, sponsored by the National Museum of Mathematics, was held on Pi Day, when mathematicians celebrate the irrational number found by dividing the circumference of any circle by its diameter.

Working together, individually and with students from other Suffolk County private and public schools, the Frost five were exposed to a variety of math questions and given many strategies to complete the given task.

“The MoMathlon gives students an opportunity to learn and meet new friends while having fun with numbers,” said John Watson, Deer Park’s curriculum associate for math and business. “Congratulations to all of the participants for working while enjoying Pi Day and math.”

Deer Park School District