HS Honors Top 10 of Class of 2020

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The high school’s top 10 ranked seniors of the Class of 2020 were announced on Oct. 18 at the school’s traditional breakfast ceremony held in the library, with proud parents, families and administrators on hand.

Sameer Riaz, the upcoming valedictorian, was ranked first, with future salutatorian Zubaer Mohiuddin ranking second. Rounding out the top 10 were Tasfia Shaikh (ranked third), Matthew Rosati (fourth), Alisha Suhail (fifth), Alexander Glancy (sixth), Sabrina Felipe (seventh), Angela D’Antonio (eighth), Gavin Thomas (ninth) and Jessica Siford (10th).

“Use this as a motivating factor as you go forward,” Principal Charles Cobb told the students after praising their dedication and perseverance. “Continue to push the envelope in whatever you do – academically, socially and professionally – throughout the remainder of your Deer Park High School career and for whatever you are going to do next year and the years beyond that as well, whether it’s college, a career, the military. Whatever you choose to do, put in that extra effort as you’ve done here, and you’ll continue to reap the rewards and benefits for it.”