Inaugurating a positive new era for the Deer Park School District, Superintendent James Cummings debuted an updated mission statement for Deer Park during his address on Superintendent’s Conference Day. Cummings redesigned the statement alongside other administrators in a carefully considered process of thinking about the district’s purpose, writing down goals for this new vision and stating core beliefs that the district is committed to such as inclusivity, diversity and responsibility.

“From here on out, other than state mandates, the decisions that we make as a district will have this mission statement in mind,” Cummings said. “How do we make the school a better environment for students? How do we help them become more successful in the future and teach them to be more collaborative and get along? Our students come from 43 different countries from five of the seven continents, and Deer Park has a unique opportunity to prepare students at an early age for a global world and how to interact with people from different cultures, backgrounds and beliefs.”

To view the mission statement, visit the "Central Administration - Mission and Vision" page under the District tab on the district website.