Following last winter’s inaugural ceremony, the high school inducted 32 juniors and seniors to the National Math and Science Honor Societies on Nov. 25 in front of their proud families. Acceptance into either honor society requires an overall grade point average of 85 or higher, and a content-specific GPA in either math or science of 90 or higher.

The school’s women’s choir performed the national anthem and pledge of allegiance at the event, held in the school’s auditorium. Speakers included Curriculum Associate for Science and Technology Alison Branca, Curriculum Associate for Mathematics and Business Christine Gill, Principal Charles Cobb, and advisers Sara DiCandia and Dylan Duprez; and Honor Society Presidents Angela D’Antonio and Sabrina Felipe.

Welcomed to both the National Math Honor Society and National Science Honor Society were Sameem Ahmadzi, Jamie Antelo Rivero, Dita Chabra, Ushima Chowdhury, Isabella Coon, Samantha DeSantis, Logan Eisenberg, Kevin Garcia, Gianna Giffone, Ishika Joshi, Jasleen Kaur, Kamran Khan, Taylor Korsiak, Riess Lessey-George, Victoria Mung, Alia Naqvi, Huda Nawaz, Tamilore Oshikanlu, Robery Punger, Kimberly Robles, Salar Saeed, Diana Sanchez, Anesa Shahid, Alexa Skoubas, Amanda Vasile-Cozzo, Brandon Yasin and Jonathan Yasin.

Also inducted into the National Math Honor Society was Jarif Kabir.

Also inducted into the National Science Honor Society were Grace Canonica, Aramys Gutierrez, Kailer Morival and Bushra Mussarat.