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Math Is “More” at JQA

Math is “More” at Deer Park’s JQA thumbnail177410

Using One Less, One More game boards, students in Erica Fulgenzi’s class at JQA recently honed their math skills. The students placed number cards from their card piles in a middle box and then wrote the number that was one less and one more than that number. The students then spoke aloud all three numbers they wrote to double check that the numbers were in the correct order.

“This is a very fun and engaging way to have students not only practice counting and writing numbers, but also practice correct number order,” Fulgenzi said.

May Moore Nurses Distribute Thermometers with FLUency

Thermometers_cccc.jpg thumbnail177409

For the second consecutive year, May Moore was selected as a partnering school for Kinsa's FLUency school health program, which provides parents with free thermometers and a smartphone app to help detect and respond to spreading illnesses. May Moore’s school nurses Holly Giovi and Christina O’Loughlin have distributed 276 thermometers so far to Deer Park families and staff who requested them through the program.

“Feedback from parents and medical providers has been very positive,” said Giovi.

“This is a wonderful and proactive step in keeping the May Moore community healthy,” said Principal Philip Paniccia.

May Moore families still have time to sign up for a free smart thermometer by texting FLUENCY to 900900, downloading the app and confirming the email. A new shipment of thermometers should be arriving in mid-November.

Deer Park Parent Brings Red Ribbons to Secondary Schools

Deer Park parent brings red ribbons to secondary schools thumbnail177452

Valerie St. Bernard, a district parent and founder of the Deer Park Drug Prevention Coalition, recently secured 100 red ribbons from Lindy Cares for Red Ribbon Week distribution at Deer Park High School and Robert Frost Middle School.

“There’s no two ways about it, substance abuse is an ongoing national health crisis,” St. Bernard said. “By taking action and joining your local coalition against drug and alcohol abuse, you can help prevent the struggles that far too many families have to go through each year across the country.”


Up and Away with Robert Frost’s Rockets

Up and Away with Robert Frost’s Rockets thumbnail177224
Up and Away with Robert Frost’s Rockets thumbnail177225
Aided by teacher Rachel Burkel, students in Scott Surdi’s technology class at Frost recently had the chance to reach for the stars.  The students spent September creating model rockets from paper and glue while learning about forces and space travel, then launched their rockets on Oct. 1, many reaching as high as 100 feet.


Seeking Strawberry DNA in Deer Park

Seeking Strawberry DNA in Deer Park   thumbnail177226
Seeking Strawberry DNA in Deer Park   thumbnail177227

Research students in Jon Steigerwald’s scientific inquiry class at the middle school recently extracted DNA from strawberry cells.

“DNA extraction is a very important method in biotechnology,” Steigerwald said. “The purpose of the class is to introduce students to the techniques used in scientific research, and each student is required to enter a science fair project into the LISEF competition. It’s nice to see the excitement the students display when they use techniques that they have only read about in a textbook. My goal is to increase their interest in the sciences.”

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