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Pool Membership Options 

The pool schedule includes use during specified public hours by paid membership, or on a daily basis by paying a usage fee in lieu of membership. Identification is required during all transactions; purchase of membership or payment of daily fee may be cash, check or money order.  Acceptable proof of residency includes: Driver's license, utility bills, library card, and school ID's or report cards.  Membership forms require a signature as does the sign in sheet for non-members paying the daily fee.

Memberships are sold during Public Swim hours only. There is NO ADMITTANCE to the pool facility during any hours other than as posted for public use.


Membership Types

Yearly Memberships are available for purchase at public swim sessions throughout the operational year and are an excellent value for patrons who make regular use of the facilitySeasonal Memberships will generally be on sale one week prior to each season till approximately two-three weeks prior to the end of the season and are based on the percentage of our operational calendar included in the dates they are valid for (so they may vary year to year).  Seasonal Memberships are a good value over daily fees for frequent visitors, Yearly memberships are the best value.

YEARLY MEMBERSHIPS are available any day the pool is open as are daily fees in lieu of membership. 

Fall memberships go on sale September 5th and will be valid through November 30th.

Winter memberships go on sale during the week of November 26th-December 2nd valid through March 31st.


Individual:  Any person age 13-60 who intends to utilize the public swimming hours offered at this facility and is not included in a Family Membership or a Student Membership (Children under 13 must be included in a family membership and may not attend the facility without an adult accompaniment - please see our "Facility Rules")

Family:  A head of household and all immediate family members with proof of the same address.  Please be prepared to show proof of residency for EACH person named on the membership. *Each Adult and any children age 13 or over will get their own membership card when ID is shown to verify residency, children under 13 do not get a separate card they must come with an adult.

Senior Citizen:  Any person aged 60 or over who intends to utilize the facility and is not already included in a Family Membership.  Senior Citizens are eligible for the exclusive Senior Citizen daytime swim as well as other public swimming hours.

Student:  Individuals age 13 and over with a valid student ID from any junior high, high school or college / university (school ID may also serve as proof of residency when issued from the Deer Park School District).


Deer Park Resident Rates

Daily usage fee $4.00


Individual  Winter $50.00 or one year $125.00

Family Winter $70.00 or one year $185.00 
*Requires ID w/DP address or Deer Park school ID for each person over age 13 (All persons under age 13 must be accompanied by an adult)*

Sr. Citizen (age 60+) Winter $15.00 or one year $30.00

Student (age 13 & over w/valid school ID) Winter $25.00 or one year $60.00



Non-Resident Rates

Daily usage fee $8.00


Individual Winter $100.00 or one year $250.00

Family Winter $140.00 or one year $375.00  
*Requires proof of same family household for each person over age 13. (All persons under age 13 must be accompanied by an adult)*

Sr. Citizen (age 60+) Winter $30.00 or one year $75.00

Student (age 13 & over w/valid school ID) Winter $40.00 or one year $120.00









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