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Cancer Committee Critique Yields Grant

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The Breast Cancer Coalition of Babylon recently asked students at Deer Park High School and Babylon High School to review five different breast cancer research proposals written by doctors at SUNY Stony Brook, with the doctor of the winning proposal receiving seed grant money from the Breast Cancer Coalition. The student committee worked hard to review and critique the five entries, and chose a proposal from Dr. Jian Cao regarding the use of stem cells in fighting breast cancer.

On Feb. 3, students from both schools, including Deer Park’s Hanife Ozbay and Anjalee Ramsaran, attended a trip to SUNY Stony Brook Hospital to tour the hospital and meet Dr. Cao, who is an associate professor and cancer researcher at Stony Brook.

“The students were very excited and honored to be a part of the project,” said science teacher Janet Werner.

Deer Park School District