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Deer Park Sends 23 Student-Artists to SCALA Show

Deer Park Sends 23 Student-Artists to SCALA Show thumbnail89593

A total of 23 student-artists from Robert Frost and May Moore were recently chosen for the 2018 Suffolk County Art Leaders Association Children’s Show, which is held annually in cooperation with the Babylon Citizens Council of the Arts. The students and their families attended the show’s reception, enjoying the chance to view their artwork on display.

Deer Park’s SCALA/BACCA Children’s Show participants were Noah Barclift, Jayda Barnes, Antonio Colon, Dania Fadel, Sophia Fasano, Taylor Gaskin-Grawford, Jade Griffin, Jose Iglesias, Tasfiya Haque, Alexia Haynes, Ermilia Honore, Ronnie Horner, Cyrus Hossain, Kathy Lin, Layla King, Kylie McGarty, Marissa Mongelli, Sarah Naqui, Anthony Peschke, Sarai Ponce, Mikaela Ponte, William Rivera and Sophia Zorakhsh.

Deer Park School District