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Susan Bonner

Kelly Benson
Associate Principal,
Curr, Inst. and Assess.

Shaun McLeod
Associate Principal,
Oper. and PPS

Dr. Danielle Sheridan
District Administrator,
Elementary Curriculum and Instruction

Shaun McLeod
Dignity Act Coordinator
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Upcoming Events

November 10, 2017:

Veterans Day, School Closed

November 14, 2017:

BOE Committees 6:30 PM @ District Office
BOE Work Session 7:30 PM @ District Office

November 20, 2017:

JFK Parent-Teacher Conference Online Scheduler Open

November 22, 2017:

JFK Trimester 1 Ends
Districtwide Half Hour Early Dismissal Drill

November 23 & 24, 2017:

Thanksgiving Recess, School Closed

November 29, 2017:
JFK Fall Photo Make-ups
BOE Regular Open Meeting 8 PM @ District Office

     WE C.A.R.E. AT JFK!!!!



Developing Deer Park’s Digital Innovators

Developing Deer Park’s Digital Innovators 2

Ten Deer Park teachers –the high school’s Katelyn O’Brien; John Heeg, Matthew Oleaga, Jon Steigerwald and Scott Surdi from Robert Frost; Michael Capobianco, Thomas Fitzmaurice and Lori Palopali of JFK; and Dana Grafstein and Sue Steinman from May Moore – were recently chosen to participate in the district’s new Digital Innovator Program. The goal of the program is to align classroom instruction with technology, rather than vice versa.

“In the past, teachers would often ask how to use a piece of tech in the classroom, rather than focusing on what the instructional goal or outcome is, and then using the technology to get there,” explained Christopher Kauter, the district’s administrator of instructional technology, who developed the program. “It’s been a lot of reflection and sharing.”

The Digital Innovator Program uses the SAMR Model of ongoing monthly collegial workgroup sessions to allow sharing multilayered ideas for technology use with peers and administrators, focusing on areas such as digital classrooms and storytelling, maker education, coding and curriculum development, and establishing learning spaces. The teachers also develop an action plan and pilot programs and software.

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