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Developing a Love of Math at JQA

Developing a Love of Math at JQA

JQA students enjoyed a recent math fair, with students participating in different learning center activities ranging from basic skills to mathematics in daily life.

“These activities reinforced what was learned throughout the year,” said teacher Marianna Grieco. “Our goal is to foster positive learning experiences in order for the students to develop a love of math.”

Inspiring New Walk Tradition Unites Seniors and Primary Schoolers

Inspiring New Walk Tradition Unites Seniors and Primary Schoolers

Beginning a memorable new tradition, high school seniors traveled to their respective primary school buildings for a senior walk on June 18. The graduates paraded through JQA and May Moore as the younger students lined the hallways, followed by a question-and-answer period where outgoing second-graders had the chance to talk to and gain inspiration from the seniors.

“These seniors spent 13 years in school, and they put a lot of hard work in and had a lot of fun,” said JQA Principal Christopher Molinelli. “We are really proud of them.”

District Recognizes Retiring, Tenured and Long-Serving Employees

District Recognizes Retiring, Tenured and Long-Serving Employees

At the May 22 Board of Education meeting, the district recognized retiring and newly tenured administrators, teachers and staff and rewarded valued personnel for their many years of service.

Congratulated for receiving tenure were Curriculum Associate for Fine and Performing Arts Bradley Murphy; District Data Coordinator Wendy Kraus; Deer Park High School teaching assistant Sandra DiThomas; Robert Frost Middle School ESL teacher Michelle Champlin, math teacher Lauren Stein and special education teacher Lori Sullivan; John F. Kennedy Intermediate School teaching assistants Michelle Alo and Linda MacDonald; John Quincy Adams School speech teacher Patricia Baldwin and ESL teacher Vanessa Pizzo; and May Moore Primary School ESL teacher Danielle Finocchiaro.

Recognized for their years of service were Gary Duprez and Lawrence Tronolone for 35 years; Ann Marie Abeltin, John Bennett, Peter Colletti, Lisa Feingold-Smith, John Giffone, Donna Novack and Lorraine Sears for 30 years; Dawn Mauceri-Guzzardi for 26 years; and Pamela Attonito, Ann Castagna, Clara DeDona, Michael Gennaro, Alicia Konecny, Brian Kruger, Richard Miller, Louis Nicolosi, Linda Stow and Debbie Smith for 25 years.

Twelve retiring staff members –teachers Pamela Attonito, Maria Adams, Barbara Charity, Gary Duprez, David Kessler, Marie Marck, JoAnn Romann, Debbie Smith and Victoria Wilson –  and non-instructional employees Jay Denen, Olivia Vogler and John Zimmerman – were all honored for their contributions to the district.

“One of the hallmarks of our staff is their commitment and dedication to this district, which is evident in the years that they have spent here,” said Superintendent Eva Demyen. “I truly cannot thank each and every one of our retirees for all they have done for their colleagues, this community, and most importantly, the children.”

Addressing his retiring colleagues, Deer Park Teachers’ Association President Bruce Sander told them, “Your dedication and love for the children will be missed. We wish you all the best.”

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