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Principal's Message

Dear Parents,

On behalf of the entire staff, we welcome you to May Moore Primary School - where children come first! We look forward to working with you and your child. As you enter the doors of May Moore, we hope that you will sense an atmosphere built on respect for each other and for learning. The May Moore staff is dedicated to raising student achievement within a warm and caring learning environment.

Our mission is to establish a safe, friendly, nurturing place where students, staff and parents challenge each other to learn. Our goal is to provide the best possible educational opportunities for our children, develop life-long learners and prepare them to be successful citizens in a changing world. We ask students to do their best at all times because ultimately each student's academic achievement is based on the effort he or she puts forth. Our teachers strive to meet the needs of all students through differentiated instruction and in having high expectations for all students. Our teachers team with one another on a regular basis to plan lessons and set academic goals based on our student achievement data. Many grade level activities are planned in conjunction with the special subject teachers in the areas of art, music, physical education, and library science. To increase the degree of educational success, it is very important to us that teachers, parents, and administrators communicate openly and frequently concerning the progress of students.

Research shows how important parent involvement is to a student’s success in school. Please read to your children every day for fifteen or twenty minutes. Also, please consider joining our PTA – this organization works hard to bring exciting opportunities to each classroom. You are an important part of the educational team. Please let us know if we can help you or assist you in any way. Your words of encouragement, your interest in your child's work, and your presence at school are vital.

Be sure to check the calendar for special events! I invite you to visit us at any time to see all the great things that are happening here at May Moore!

Alicia Konecny

The following poem truly expresses how important a good relationship between the school and home can be. It is reflective of the kind of relationship we strive for at May Moore:


I dreamed I stood in a studio and watched two sculptors there.

The clay they used was a young child's mind, and they fashioned it with care.

One was a teacher; the tools she used were books, music and art.

One, a parent who worked with a guiding hand and a gentle, loving heart.

Day after day the teacher toiled with a touch that was deft and sure,

While the parent labored by her side and polished and smoothed it o'er...

For the things they had molded in to the child could neither be sold nor bought.

And each agreed he would have failed if he had worked alone.

For behind the teacher stood the school, and behind the parent, the home.

~Author Unknown

Deer Park School District