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Gina Palasciano   Curriculum Associate K-12 for World Languages & ENL

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April 26 - Open House for Incoming Freshmen @ DPHS, 7pm

April 29 - Gr. 6-12 French Dinner @ RFMS

April 29 - Long Island Student Shakespeare Festival

May 11 - PFC Mtg & Student of the Month, 7pm

May 13 - Qtr 4 Progress Reports

May 17 - SCHOOL BUDGET VOTE & BOE Trustee Elections, 7am-9pm

May 17 - Secondary Science/Technology Fair & Districtwide Art Show @ DPHS, 6-8:30pm

May 27-31 - Memorial Day Weekend, Schools Closed

May 31 - PFC Gr. 8 Scholarship Essays Due

 June 1-2 - Spring Concerts, 7pm


Society’s 73 Students Inducted at Frost


The National Junior Honor Society at Robert Frost inducted 18 new eighth-grade members and 55 new seventh-grade members in March 21. The annual ceremony also honored the organization’s current members for their work this year, and each eighth-grade member received the medals that they will wear at their moving up ceremony in June.

The new eighth-grade NJHS inductees were Anthony Aiello, Huda Ameen, Alexis Bell, Nicole Bilello, Emily DeStefano, Sabrina Felipe, Kathleen Getchius, Dana Laissle, Mackenzie Lefebvre, Brennan Miller, Michael Pearlstein, Kelly Rennert, Alyssa Robb, Kristin Schuster, Kelly Schwab, Trevor Sheehan, Alexa Skoubas and Jennifer Wern.

The new seventh-grade NJHS inductees were Alexa Arbore, Daniel Bartolomei, Alexa Belotti, Daniella Belotti, Ciara Boltz, Kayla Bode, Ernest Cairo, Grace Canonica, Julia Catanzano, Steven Cayea, Ushima Chowdhury, Louis Colace, Isabella Coon, Sophia Coon, Connor Costanza, Natalie D’Alimonte, Michael D’Amato, Nicholas DeNoyior, Samantha DeSantis, Brendon Eising, Gianna Giffone, Sophie Giles, Maggie Greene, Matthew Heinen, James Hope, Kaitlyn Incandela, Christian Jean-Pierre, Christopher Joyce, Thomas Joyce, Taylor Korsiak, Camryn Lefebvre, Elizabeth Legname, Jessica Mare,Madison Mattera, Grace Maxaner, Conor McArdle, Jordan Minerva, Victoria Mung, Bushra Mussarat, Alia Naqvi, Huda Nawaz, Patrick Oswald, Hannah Petersen, Samantha Petrizzo, Kathleen Plitt, Robert Punger, Michael Rebelo, Katrina Rivera, Kimberly Robles, Ray Tobaru, Antonina Ugalde, Amanda Vasile-Cozzo, Don Vento, Rebecca Warkenthien and Esteysy Yanes Amaya.

Frost Five Take on Pi at Suffolk MoMathlon


Robert Frost math team members Steven Cayea, Gianna Giffone, James Hope, Matthew Rosati and Anthony Wineberger were chosen by the school to participate in the annual Suffolk County MoMathlon at Brookhaven National Laboratory. The March 14 event, sponsored by the National Museum of Mathematics, was held on Pi Day, when mathematicians celebrate the irrational number found by dividing the circumference of any circle by its diameter.

Working together, individually and with students from other Suffolk County private and public schools, the Frost five were exposed to a variety of math questions and given many strategies to complete the given task.

“The MoMathlon gives students an opportunity to learn and meet new friends while having fun with numbers,” said John Watson, Deer Park’s curriculum associate for math and business. “Congratulations to all of the participants for working while enjoying Pi Day and math.”

Powerhouse Kauter Becomes New IT Admin


It came as no surprise when the district appointed its technology powerhouse, Chris Kauter, as the new district administrator for instructional technology. He replaces Anastasia Tzortzatos.

A Sayville resident and graduate of Deer Park’s Class of 1998, Kauter has taught at Deer Park High School for over a dozen years, mainly focusing on social studies. In 2013, he was one of only 50 worldwide educators selected by Google to attend the prestigious Google Teacher Academy in Chicago, leading to his status as a Google Certified Teacher and trainer.

Last year, with funding from a $5,000 STLE teacher effectiveness grant, Kauter’s leadership came to the fore in his new position as a part-time instructional technology coach. He was so successful in helping teachers integrate technology in their classrooms in a meaningful way, that despite the conclusion of the grant, the Board and administration decided to expand Kauter’s role to a full-time K-12 instructional technology coach, and then as district administrator for IT. Using software and programs to enhance the learning process, and providing teams of teachers with professional development and helping them create projects for their students’ benefit, Kauter proved invaluable in the district’s continued efforts to move technology in the classrooms further into the 21st century.

“Teachers come to him and say, ‘I have this idea,’ and Chris helps them figure out how to implement that idea in a way that is meaningful and alleviates some of their stress about some of the technologies,” said Kimberly Skillen, district administrator for secondary curriculum and instruction.

In addition to teachers, he has been working with other administrators and guidance counselors to develop systems that help the district track students in a more efficient way and allow staff to share information. His methodology provides substantive enhancements, going beyond delivering professional development to the teachers. Kauter will visit classrooms and shadow the teachers, troubleshooting and working side by side with them to ensure that the technology is working successfully. After a few times, he can walk away, and the teacher is now confident to do it on their own.

“A lot of our teachers are excellent instructors, but technology isn’t always something they feel very comfortable with and they may sometimes shy away from integrating a project on their own,” said Skillen. “Now they are able to work with Chris to make it happen – he’s been their support. It’s been a great initiative and we are seeing excellent results.”

One of the major technology projects overseen by Kauter involved John Heeg, a social studies teacher at the middle school. To facilitate his classroom’s Socratic seminar, they used Google Apps for Education and a program called Doctopus to individualize groups.

“I loved this project because we are using technology as the vehicle, but it’s not the destination,” said Kauter. “The destination is a discussion, which is high-level thinking, critically analyzing and using research, so the kids can feel confident backing up their claims.”

For his innovative work on the initiative, Heeg was recently honored with the Bright Light Award from Suffolk ASSET.

Another important tech project, also at Robert Frost, focused on students building websites in teacher Scott Surdi’s classroom. Kauter and Surdi used a Google add-on program called SiteMaestro to distribute individualized, shared Google sites to the students, choosing from four different predesigned templates.

Kauter assisted another Frost teacher, Seth Margolin, to digitize applications for the National Junior Honor Society using Google Forms. Switching from the old paper version to a predesigned template, students now can submit all their information via Google Drive, with the data prepopulating into the template. This makes it easier for the NJHS Committee to review each application, and emails are automatically sent to each of the club advisers to verify the information provided by the students.

At JFK, Kauter helped teachers Angela Giannotti and Melissa Price to utilize Chromebooks with assistive technology for fourth-grade special education students. In prior years, these students had created picture books by picking a topic, researching it, finding accompanying pictures and then constructing an actual physical book using predesigned sketchboard templates to indicate layout. Kauter took their existing templates and recreated them on Google Drive, enabling the students to make a digital storybook by dragging and dropping text and pictures. 

“The kids were really motivated and excited about it,” said Danielle Sheridan, district administrator for elementary curriculum and instruction, regarding Kauter’s work at JFK. “His integration of technology in elementary research projects brought the work to a new level, and it helped the students feel sophisticated about the work they are doing and connected to the world of technology.”

Amazed by Aladdin at Robert Frost


More than 600 members of Deer Park’s school community attended the Robert Frost musical production of “Aladdin,” directed by Michael Moriarty.

The colorful, romantic tale, written in 1993 by playwright Craig Sodaro, hews closer to the folktale from “The Arabian Nights” than the Disney animated film, providing a fabulous setting for the young actors to shine.

“The kids did a great job and really brought the story to life,” said Moriarty. “The cast and crew worked very hard to make the whole experience wonderful.”

The production starred Ray Ugalde in the title role, with the cast list rounded out by Sahir Azizy as Violet, Alexa Belotti as Buyer No. 3 and Guard No. 2, Daniella Belotti as Cave Creep No. 2 and Guard No. 1, Justin Berman as Gorgan, Louis Bianco as El Kahsid, Ciara Boltz as Sindah, Mackenzie Caldone as the Old Woman and Princess Celestia, Lauren Corrigan as Khoja, Emily DeStefano as the Genie of the Lamp, Justin Diaz as the Vizier, AJ Edghill as the Executioner and Townsfolk No. 1, Isabella Giglio as Lily, Jackie Izzo as Ben Wali, Camryn Lefebvre as Buyer No. 2, Mariandre Lopez as the Sultan’s Wife, Gianna Luongo as Baba, Jordan Minerva as the Snake, Josephine Moser as El Kahsid’s Wife, Amanda Muller as Jachim, Aruba Nadeem as the Servant, Sam Petrizzo as the Lady in Waiting, Katie Plitt as Aster, Dianna Rainone as the Genie of the Ring, Nimra Salim as Iris, Jen Sebok as Abdu, Isabella Serrano as Yahoo, Sanjay Singh as the Sultan, Joanna Sroka as Buyer No. 1 and Townsfolk No. 2, Alisha Suhail as Rosepetal, Nina Ugalde as Aladdin’s Father and Cave Creep No. 1, Christina Vittorio as the Old Woman and Princess Celestia, and Jen Wern as Aladdin’s Mother.

“What a phenomenal production of ‘Aladdin’ this was,’ said Bradley Murphy, the district’s curriculum associate for fine and performing arts. “Congratulations on a well-directed and well-produced performance, and congratulations to all the students that made this a production to remember.”

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